1. This website was conceived, designed and hand-coded in raw PHP, HTML, CSS and JS by me, Jay Woods. In other words, I own it, its logo, codebase and design along with the photography*. In other words, I'm making the point that pretty much everything featured herein is my exclusive copyright.

(* There are isolated snippets of code herein that were freely offered by third parties and freely applied by me in this project; there are also some externally supplied jQuery elements (e.g. jQuery UI's datepicker) and PHP "classes" (e.g. PHPMailer and FPDF), as well as some fonts of third party origin and menu iconography of third party origin).

2. That said, you may use the SDLT / LBTT Calculator's generated PDF documents in presentations, but on the strict condition that neither the logo nor the site's URL are removed from said documents. I trust you to be good and honour that, seeing how I made this nice resource free.

3. Photography: The main image on the home page is my very own calculator sitting on a table. This image is as much my exclusive copyright as the site's logo, etc., are. The same comments apply to any images in any of the downloadable materials featured on this site.